When sharing of links is not enough to drive engagement

Embed custom call-to-action messages in each page you share

Step 1

You find a link
you want to share

Step 1

Enter that link & a message
to get short SprdIn link

Step 1

Share SprdIn link &
followers see your message

Enter the URL of any page you'd like to share

Use Cases


Investment Consultant

Sharing an article on Business Insider with a link to his video embedded

BusinessInsider Live Demo

Drive traffic

Capture Leads

Personify your brand

Advertise on any website

Awesome Features

The most awesome and complete features to meet all your needs!

Buttons & Text Links

Use these core components to link back visitors to your site. Drive traffic to your website without additional content sharing efforts.

Submission Forms

Add single field forms to capture visitor information. Quick way to capture emails and increase signups.

Personal Image

Add personal touch to the message by attaching an image. Images lead to higher click through rates.

Flexible Layout

Choose between full width message box and other layouting options. Make it look casual or professional depending on the page theme.

Unlimited Colors

Stylize the message box with colors reflecting your brand. Custom colors are also useful to highlight your message on the page.

Custom Positioning

Display your message at the top, bottom or custom position on the page. Helps to make it more visible depending on the page structure.

Cross Browser Support

SprdIn will play nice with all modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and the latest versions of Internet Explorer.

Fully Responsive

The message box will adjust to any screen size. It will look great on mobile devices and on desktops at the same time.

Analytics & Reporting

Gain intelligence about your digital efforts and learn how your audience is responding to your links and messages, all in real-time.

Without SprdIn each link you share is a lost opportunity!

Enter the URL of any page you'd like to share

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